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I once read a quote from Mandy Hale, "There is nothing more beautiful than someone that goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others".    


I have spent many years as the gift-buyer for friends, am always looking for just the right thing for the host or party, and never show up empty-handed! I am not talking any ole' gift, it's the one different from all the rest, that the teacher wants, and the boss doesn't toss, a gift that has thought and makes the person smile.


As much as Hale's mantra rings true, we are busy and sometimes need a helping hand!  Finally, after years of saying, "There should be a service that shops for special gifts, be it personal or business, that wraps beautifully and delivers to/for those in a pinch", my actions are now speaking louder than my words!


Pinched is a win-win for all, we want to help you spread your kindness to others and make the world a bit brighter.

Layla Kiffin-Pinched Founder

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